Look Up! You are in the Louvre!

The Mona Lisa.

I had to see her. I travelled all this way to Paris to see one of the most famous smiles in the world. As I navigated my way through the halls of the Louvre, I began to notice other pieces of art work that caught my eye.

It was not the painting of Napoleon Bonaparte, or the picture of Joan of Arc, or the Sphinxes, or the Greek sculptures of the Winged Victory of Samothrace or Aphrodite. No, for me the most spectacular pieces of art were on the ceilings.

The art so far above my five foot stature, required a full tilt of my head and neck to capture every detail.

Who knew that masterpieces with angelic centerpieces, in gilded gold frames would illustrate stories unknown to me. Other ceilings portrayed the strength of the former fortress, as knight’s armor posted in ever corner watched over museum goers. Other ceilings decorated with Cherubs, reflected the religious taste likely of former kings who called the Louvre home.

The art in the room and the art on the ceiling neither complimented nor clashed with each other. Yet the total room provided a full perspective of art of the today and the art of thousands of years past.

I allowed the high-rise artistry to capture all most of my attention. Eventually, I made my way to see the woman who mastered the first “smize.” Needless to say, she was worth the thousands of miles travelled.

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  1. Dindi Taylor says:

    Your photos..it’s like I was there too! Thanks for saving me 2 grand!!

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