The Christmas Spirit is in Full Bloom at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

Date night

Family night

Girls night 

Or boys night out

No matter the night the Atlanta Botanical Gardens’ Garden Lights, Holiday Nights has something to offer everyone. 

On weeknights the Gardens open at 5 p.m. until 11 p.m until Saturday, January 11, 2020. You can purchase tickets online for approximately $24 per person. This will allow you and your guests to breeze through the line. Before starting the garden walk, grab an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage before your stroll.  

With your drink in tow, you’ll want to stop first at the Singing Lights attraction. The mesmerizing lights and music will captivate you. Though tempting to spend the entire night there, other attractions await just follow the bright and colorful lights on the pathway. 

Singing lights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Be sure to stop for a few group photos and selfies on your way to the s’mores roasting station. 

After your very sweet treat, visit the the greenhouse but take your coat off before you enter. The humidity will keep you warm for a short period in the cool night. 

If you are an Atlanta native like me or just visiting the city, stop to see the Rising Phoenix. This mythical bird is the symbol that represents the literal burning and rebirth of the City. 

Before leaving the Gardens you’ll want to see the display from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland!

There is much more to see when you visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens! I’ll share a few more photos but, you’ll need to see for your self so stop reading and buy your tickets for your night out!

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  1. Dindi Taylor says:

    That looks beautiful! Who’s your friend? She must be a supermodel 😉


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