Babs Wanderful

I often think of myself of as a little black girl from Stone Mountain, Georgia. Whenever I accomplish a goal or have an experience outside of my comfort zone I am overly ecstatic! I give the six year old Babs a high five and a hug! “We did it! I can’t believe we just did that!” Even though I have accomplished many goals I am always shocked. I am always checking in with six year old Babs to make sure that I am making her dreams come true.

The most important dream: Travel the world.

I have suffered from wanderlust for as long as I can remember. It began when my grandfather told me that he would take me to Kenya. We never went and we may never go together, but he did take my mind outside of my Stone Mountain home and across the world.

Traveling was in mind and seeped into my blood. I knew I had to see the big world around me. I became infatuated with my family’s travels in the continental United States, Hawaii, Scotland and Spain. Because travel was limited as a child (but fun!), I promised myself that I would see the world!

In November 2015, (while in the midst of divorce of which will be another blog) I obtained my passport. The next month I traveled to the Bahamas with my aunt, her Bahamian husband and their three children.


Since then I’ve travelled to New York, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Charlotte, Denver, Biloxi, Orange Beach, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Turks and Caicos and the Dominican Republic. This winter I will travel to Europe to see England, Scotland, France and Germany.

“We did it! I can’t believe we just did that!”

Well believe it because we are doing it!

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  1. Dindi says:

    Wonderful, Babs! I mean, “Wanderful!” Keep dreaming and DOING! High five!


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