Beer, BBQ and the Big Easy

If you visit Atlanta in the summer months you will surely stumble upon a festival in one of the city’s neighborhoods. This weekend my friends and I attended the Decatur BBQ & Bluegrass Festival in Decatur, Georgia at Harmony Park.


The smell of smokey foods filled the air from almost a mile away. The music vibrated through your body making it impossible to stand still. That music came from a New Orleans based band named Cha wa. The leader singer, dressed as uniquely as the band’s music, sang uplifting songs of love, compassion and their love for those New Orleans Saints #WhoDat! Cha wa, who should have closed out the night, seamlessly married the sounds of the drum, guitar, tuba, trombone and the almighty tambourine! Festivalgoers danced to song after song even during the band’s short breaks! The sounds from Big Easy made the BBQ taste better and beer much more enjoyable.

Click the video to listen to the music of Cha wa!

New Belgium Brewing sponsored the beer for the festival. My favorite was the Fat Tire Belgian White Ale. This beer tasted a tad lighter than other Belgian beers, a perfect pale ale color and a sweet aftertaste full of distinctive spices. As a fan of Belgian white beers, this beer is now a new favorite!


Overall, my friends and I enjoyed the Decatur BBQ & Bluegrass Festival. We will return next year.  I suggest that if you are visiting Atlanta in mid-August add this festival to the list of ” Things To Do.”


Note: Decatur BBQ & Bluegrass Festival charges an entry fee. Festivalgoers can pay in advance of the event or at the event. Lastly, I do not benefit financially from the mentions in my blog. 


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  1. Dindi Taylor says:

    Looks like fun. But the real was the Mac and Cheese?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It actually wasn’t bad. Not great but not bad.


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