Black Girls’ Guide to Vacationing in the Deep South: Part One

Every year around the end of July my mother goes on her annual birthday road trip. This year we took a tour of the Deep South!

Considering the racial climate in the United States you would think African-American women would want to get as far away from the South as possible. Nope, not us. This is our country and we will go wherever we please. We left Atlanta in the wee hours of the night headed to our first stop in Orange Beach, Alabama! Those closest to me know about my extreme distaste for the state of Alabama. So when my mother said she wanted to go I was hesitant, but what can I do? It’s my mom’s birthday!

We arrived at the Gulf State Pier to a pleasant surprise of clear waters, blue sky, and a pure white sand beach! Next, we were both becoming a little hangry (me more than her) so we stopped at Another Broken Egg Cafe down the street from The Wharf. I ordered the vegetable omelet and my mom chose an omelet with cream cheese, crab and all sorts of goodness!


With our bellies full and hangriness subdued, we took off on our first excursion aboard the Sunny Lady Dolphin Tour Boat. The word “fun” does not justify or barely begin to describe the dolphin cruise! We saw plenty of dolphins, learned about the history of Orange Beach and saw a lady in the water. The captain of the cruise ship made my mom captain for approximately 10 minutes in celebration of her birthday.

After the cruise, we walked around in The Wharf. It is a shopping area full of posh stores, restaurants, a store featuring python jerky and barbeque flavored worms.

Our next stop, Biloxi, Missippi! We spent the night at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.  We refreshed ourselves and stepped out on the town. We ate awful dinner at the hotel’s buffet. I added crab legs to my buffet, what a huge mistake! The crab legs were cold, the butter was artificial and the other food on the buffet was overcooked. To make up for the disgusting food, we decided to try our luck at the casino. Based on the photo below we did not have much luck there either. My mother’s company and the posh pool made up for the hotel’s shortcomings. I’d visit Biloxi again but I’d stay at another hotel.

The next morning we packed our bags and headed to the New Orleans! I’ll tell you about our time there in the next post – Black Girls’ Guide to Vacationing in the Deep South: Part Two.

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  1. Dindi Taylor says:’s pretty hard to mess up a crab leg buffet! Glad the rest of your trip was great.

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