Around the World with Apple Maps

When I am home in the States I ONLY USE GOOGLE MAPS! Google Maps is so reliable. It helps me get around. I also use it quite a bit for my job (I work in road construction).

HOWEVER! As I started my trip to Europe in London, England I needed to get around. Carrying a paper is nostalgic, but not practical at all so I turn to my trusty Google Maps. Though I’m no longer using the Sprint network, but the local VodaPhone UK it should work right?


It took FOREVER to load and gave me pretty bad directions. I struggled with Google Maps until I met a guy from my hostel who taught me to use Apple Maps. He uses it all the time especially to help him get around. He is an American from Florida studying in Scotland.

So, I begin to use Apple Maps. Needless to say this application has been a complete lifesaver. It’s given me directions for walking, taking the bus and the Tube. It’s helped me get from SoHo to South Kensington.

From 221B Baker Street

to Abbey Road.

From Fleet Street

to the London Eye.

The app is so reliable it continues to give me directions when cell service was spotty, while underground taking the Tube and without WiFi.

The app also gave me step-by-step directions on the phone and directly to my Apple Watch. This is a HUGE plus for me as a solo traveller. I looked less like a tourist and more like local. When I wanted to check the directions I’d just glance at my wrist. When I needed an overview I’d whip out my phone just to make sure I was headed in the right direction.

So next time you travel abroad give Google Maps a rest and use Apple Maps instead!

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  1. Dindi says:

    So glad you are having a great time, and not sticking out like a typical tourist! Great pics!


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