Top 30 Reasons Why Travelers 30 and Over Should Stay In a Hostel!


An American slasher film of the early 2000s.

At least that was the first thing I knew about hostels as a teenager.

When I booked my trip to Europe last July, I planned for a backpacking trip. I wanted to travel lightly (as light as a vacation in the winter would allow). I knew that I could not afford to stay in hotels. I was too afraid to stay in an AirBnB with strangers or by myself. My only known option was to stay in a hostel. I knew that I could not feed my fears about hostels, so I purposely avoided the urge to rewatch the 2005 horror film. I also had to get over my perception that hostels were for free-spirited teens and 20 somethings, not for professional women in their 30s, right?

I quickly found out that everything I thought I knew about hostels were wrong. While searching for lodging I came across the ever so popular website, Hostelworld! Quickly, my fears fleeted my from my mind. The hostels were so nice! So modern, so hip and refreshing!

So here are my top 30 reasons why people over 30 should stay in a hostel:

  1. Hostels are a great place for solo travelers 
  2. Hostels make it easy to meet new people
  3. Hostels are very safe 
  4. Hostels offer WiFi
  5. features hostels from all over the world
  6. Hostels are great ways to make new lifelong friends
  7. Hostel-mates are very respectful of quiet hours (mine were at least)
  8. Hostels are often located near main attractions or transportation
  9. Hostels are cheaper than hotels
  10. Hostel guests are all ages from 20s to 60s
  11. Hostels can offer transportation services to and from the airport
  12. Hostels are great if you are traveling to multiple cities or countries
  13. Hostels often offer tours, bar crawls, and other activities if you did not plan a full itinerary
  14. Hostels are a great way to find a travel partner(s) for a day or for your entire stay
  15. Hostels often have their own bars
  16. Hostels offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner or snacks
  17. Hostels have kitchens to allow a healthier option for travelers
  18. Hostel staff speak multiple languages
  19. Hostels offer ensuite rooms and rooms without a bathroom or shower
  20. Hostels offer private rooms
  21. Hostels offer lockers for your personal belongings and valuables
  22. Hostel staff make the bed and clean the bathroom everyday (just like a hotel)
  23. Hostels will hold your luggage before check-in and/or after your check-out until you need to go to the airport
  24. Hostel staff keep track of all guests to make sure they return each night
  25. Hostels do not have a curfew (at least the two stayed at did not)
  26. Hostels may provide laundry facilities
  27. Hostels are a great way to immerse yourself into different cultures
  28. Hostels offer private reading lamps, plugs, and USB ports for each traveler
  29. Hostels offer board games, playing cards, and books
  30. You’d be surprised to find how many 30 somethings are staying in hostels. I encourage you to book for your next trip!

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  1. Dindi Taylor says:

    I was certainly glad to see that your experience with hostels was different than the movie! And I was surprised to learn that there are hostels in the U.S. its nice to know that there are so many safe and inexpensive travel option out there.


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